Why merlot.aero?

A new era in airline technology is upon us

merlot.aero is the next revolution in airline operations management tools

merlot.aero has revolutionised airline technology to ensure your airline is prepared to embrace the long term as an airline that is safe, secure, scalable, sustainable, flexible, and profitable while providing good value to customers.

merlot.aero provides a true cloud-computing combining Software as a Service (SaaS) principles for real-time data and web service enabled application that can be then deployed over a public cloud platform or ‘self-host’.

merlot.aero offers three distinct technology advantages:

  1. A superior cloud-computing environment
  2. Flexible applications designed and engineered specifically to meet the needs of the airline industry
  3. Multi-tenant architecture for integration and real time data access.

Explore the benefits of the cloud

The Microsoft Azure platform is the cloud computing platform used by merlot.aero to host their end-user solutions. There are a number of benefits of the Azure platform including:

  • Low investment – no capital investment; no software to install or hardware to purchase
  • Works like a utility; only pay for what you need
  • Upgrades are automatic
  • Anytime, anywhere access to real-time business operations from any enabled device
  • Highly flexible with advanced security
  • Enterprise-wide operational transparency and data consistency
  • On-premise option available
  • Highly scalable and scalability on demand – the platform will grow dynamically as the customer’s needs arise. This means the platform can take advantage of many processors, disk and memory over a number of different machines as the need arises in peak periods
  • Highly reliable – managed by Microsoft, the Azure platform over many thousand servers in a number of different data centres all over the world. All data centres adhere to both ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certification standards SAS 70 type I and II. The ISO certification and SAS 70 attestations demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to delivering a trustworthy cloud computing infrastructure
  • Reduction in customer on-premise costs in terms of both hardware and personnel. Most importantly our applications are deployed via industry standard web browser so there are no additional costs, bandwidth overheads or management overheads for ‘terminal server’ type environments such as Citrix or Remote Desktop.

‘Self-host’ platform

merlot.aero recognises all airlines needs are different and some customers choose to self-host. Where an airline chooses to self-host we deploy the products on a local set of servers within the customer’s WAN environment.

Mobile technology provides airlines with further benefits

Crew sickness is inevitable in any airline operation. However, with a mobile application the process of finding the best possible replacement and activating them is a breeze. A crew member can notify operations of their inability to work via the mobile application on their personal mobile device. The Crewing Officer is alerted immediately to the need to resolve the crew shortage issue. Automated best-fit helps the crewing officer select the best possible option to recover the situation, and with a single click can notify the stand-by crew member of their new duty. The replacement can immediately acknowledge the changes.

Benefits to the airline include: convenience for the crew, time savings, an audit trail and cost effectiveness.

Enterprise social network for your airline

Keeping all of your stakeholders connected and informed is critical when running an operation, particularly in a disruption or irregular operations situation. Disruptions are a problem for airlines big and small, and frequently there are many stakeholders involved that must make decisions and need to be kept up-to-date on the solutions. This becomes a problem when there are various methods of communication such as e-mail, phone, text messaging, and multiple systems all managing different aspects of the critical information. merlot.aero has drawn inspiration from the best of social web applications to provide a method that allows your airline to collaborate and communicate in real-time, keeping every critical stakeholder informed. By providing access to a wider group than just the traditional operations users, and allowing both office-based and mobile users to collaborate, we provide greater visibility and situational awareness to the entire organization.

Benefits to the airline include: convenience, time savings, audit trail, cost effectiveness and higher customer satisfaction.


Optimization describes a mathematical model that allows for the instant evaluation of many millions of possible solutions to problems with the ‘best’ result provided to the user. Traditional methods of problem solving emply a ‘heuristic’ approach which often does not produce the most ‘optimal’ outcome. This is particularly applicable for specific planning and operational areas within airlines. Optimization techniques are appropriate where many possible solutions can be found for a particular problem and the airline wishes to use the most ‘efficient’ – whether that be lowest cost, or least crew or other relevant factors. These techniques are also appropriate when a large rules base is used.

Big Data

In this digital age it is essential to be able to see and understand the relationships within and among all pieces of information. Big data enables merlot.aero to analyze vast amounts of data about a topic, embrace real-world messiness and identify correlations between information. The effects of big data are large on a practical level, as the technology is applied to find solutions for vexing everyday problems. Merlot.aero can now capture and review more data than ever before enabling systems to be implemented with new insights.


merlot.aero’s Full Service Oriented Architecture includes: database engine, reporting engine, messaging engine, integration engine and rules engine.

Flexible applications

Our solution ensures a comprehensive portfolio of service-based solutions built on integration, scalability, flexibility and performance to help airlines gain freedom from their constraining IT infrastructures to conduct business in today’s world, the way they want and to be prepared for the future.

merlot.aero is made up of a series of modules which can be used independently or together to provide a fully-integrated airline operation management system for optimum airline performance. The merlot.aero suite of products caters for specific individual departments needs.

Database powered by Microsoft Azure

Airlines today are faced with ever-increasing amounts of data from numerous sources that need to be shared across a variety of devices and departments. Meeting these needs requires constant investment in servers, operating systems, storage and networking. The merlot.aero database powered by Microsoft Azure is at the core of merlot.aero and provides an improved way to respond to these challenges with enhanced manageability and scalability. While the database(s) are deployed via shared infrastructure approach, each customer has its own ‘SQL database’ to ensure all data is segmented and secured between users. This in turn offers peace of mind along with a robust and cost-effective solution.