This covers the planning process that all airlines go through for their aircraft and crew. The planning modules include:


Develop optimum flight schedules to maximise commercial return with a focus on route profitability.


Automate and improve the development of flight schedules while ensuring operational integrity and meeting the needs of the customer. This includes a maintenance planning capability.


Plan and monitor all revalidation and qualification checks, medicals, license renewals, annual leave and administrative needs. Crew shortfalls or surplus information is accurately calculated by fleet, rank or base and can be aggregated at daily, weekly or monthly levels. This extends to future establishment planning.

CrewBuild and CrewRoster

Develop efficient crew rosters that achieve business goals while meeting the needs of crew and manage changes that arise after the roster is published.


Allows crew to select or bid for work and lifestyle patterns that suit their preferences.


Manage the complex accommodation and transport requirements of the crew as they go about achieving their roster.


Allow the timely dissemination of relevant information to crew providing secure and global access via a standard internet browser.


Provides airlines with the best information to act on in response to crew disruptions resulting from (amongst other things) sickness, no shows and crew related aircraft disruptions on the day.


Manages complex pay and allowance calculations for crew.