Add Ons

We also have a number of add on capabilities. These include:
Captures sector timings APU on/off, doors closed/open, OOOI times, crew recency (i.e. landings, approaches etc.).
Allows accurate and timely capture of bar stock and sales information for distribution to other corporate systems.
A tool to systematically identify threats, help manage the risks and contribute to a safer work place.
Maximise load and minimise fuel burn while improving safety through reducing the potential for human error. Offers the opportunity to standardise processes, reduce turnaround times and optimise fuel tankerage opportunities.

Captures SIM check information electronically.
Allows crew to view and actively manage details of their duty and receive messages via personal mobile. The application's operating system is an agnostic platform and will support windows mobile, android, iPhone and iPad.
Enables the distribution, management and remote update of aircraft based information for direct input into the database thereby doing away with paper forms and data entry by an operator. i.e. OOOI times, delays, SSR, bay/gate, etc. Native support is for Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone / iPad and BlackBerry.
Allows airline staff to electronically capture a range of airport, technical operations, flight attendant, pilot and general issues in real time through their mobile device. Data is instantly routed to various departments within the airline to perform workflow actions.